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Simplifying the Competitive ETF Marketplace

We equip clients with the distribution and industry knowledge they need to thrive in the expanding and competitive ETF marketplace.

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Lakefront Advisory

The US ETF Market now stands at over 1,300 ETFs traded and nearly $4T in assets. The competition is only increasing as more and more issuers come enter the market and seek access to investors.

Distribution is more important than ever and at the same time, more complicated than ever. ETFs are sold, not bought so having a plan is essential.

Having spent two decades in asset management distribution and management with well over half that time in the ETF industry at both iShares and JPMorgan, I am uniquely suited to help firms not only construct an effective distribution strategy but also navigate the intricacies of the ETF ecosystem.



What distribution looks like for one firm can be quite different than another because each has unique products, strategy, and resources.

I take a collaborative approach to my wholly bespoke services and will be based on your firm’s needs. We will focus on your key priorities and collectively set objectives for the project. Some examples include:

Go-To Market Planning

Go to market planning and decision making including advising on key industry partners, build or white label and distribution approach.

Distribution Plan  Development

Roadmap for building or scaling a sales team, setting sales practices, building compensation plans, optimize channel specific sales strategies.

Ideal Distribution Approach

Do you build or do you outsource?

Building a Team

Key roles, candidate profiles, how many individuals to hire.

Support Product Development and Messaging

Outline the ETF Ecosystem and Competitive Landscape


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