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Distribution Strategy Review

Insource or Outsource


$5B AUM ETF issuer with 4 ETFs in market for 3 years. They have concentrated ownership in the ETFs so diversifying the asset base is top of mind. They are also looking to capitalize on the strong performance of one of their ETFs in particular to help accelerate growth. While having two dedicated sales people, they hadn’t seen the results hoped for. They were seeking a complete review of their distribution strategy in preparation for a presentation to their Board.


After multiple in depth interviews with members of leadership, product and sales, we were able to put together four distinct go-forward options to propose to the Board including two that included moving to an outsourced third party distribution model. We presented the options along with requested feedback on their product lineup, competitive landscape and broad intel on the ETF market to the Board. Upon decision by the Board and leadership, we continued to engage the team as they transitioned to their new sales model.


Internal Sales Deck Buildout


Start up ETF firm working with three unique subadvisors. No one at their firm had ETF industry experience and therefore needed guidance on navigating the ecosystem, providing introductions and thinking about distribution. They determined that establishing effective guidance and structure to their internal sales desk was going to be an early priority. The individuals they hired were very young in their careers and had never been in an internal sales role before.


We developed a complete call model for their internal sales team. The call model was a full end to end consultative process including a call and webex structure, metrics, compensation, assessment and sample profiling questions. We were able to equip leadership with the tools they needed to get their internal sales team off to a strong start.

Commercialization of Model Portfolio Business


Established Asset Manager / ETF Issuer with multi model portfolios offered through their Multi Asset Solutions business. They were disappointed by the asset raise and weren’t seeing the appropriate level of focus on those strategies from the sales team. They wanted to explore ways to more effectively commercialize the model portfolios and as extension the underlying ETFs.


After time spent with the Multi Asset Solutions and both sales people and sales leadership, we were able to provide a proposal for how to consider their go forward strategy collectively. The proposal included ideas on how to structure incentives, possible new sales team structure and specific marketing materials focused on the benefits of model portfolios. We were also able to utilize data they were buying from multiple sources to help create targeted segmentation on advisors more likely to buy model portfolios.

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